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Introduction and Overview

Classifying Relationships to the Church
If you live on this planet, you are in one of these categories.

Thank you for your interest in "The Esoteric Roots of Mormonism". My name is Kristophorus H. Salarium, you can call me Kris. I will be your narrator on this adventure into the hidden roots of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or what is commonly referred to as "Mormonism" after the organisation's sacred "keystone" text, The Book of Mormon. (This is in reference to the largest and most popularly known church based in Salt Lake City, Utah.)

If you are reading this, I am assuming you are in one of three categories of people.

You are:
1. Mormon
2. Non-Mormon
3. Ex-Mormon

(Technically, Ex-Mormons are Non-Mormons, but they are those who have experienced what I will simply refer to as "The Church" first-hand.  This experience is life changing and the fact that they have disassociated from The Church is enough to separate them from those who are simply Non-Mormon.  So, for the purposes of this blog, we will consider them a separate category of people.)

There are also a few sub-categories of the above that need to be addressed--

If you are (1)Mormon, you are:

A. Active with a testimony. 
--You most likely go to Church regularly, pay your tithing, serve a calling, read your scriptures every night and watch all 10 (8 for women) sessions of conference every year.  You could either be born and raised in the church or a convert.  You believe the Church to "be true."  You're "Peter Priesthood", or "Molly Mormon."

B. Active without a testimony.
--You go to Church (maybe not even necessarily all the time) mostly just to see friends, family and to take part in ward activities.  You've probably been raised in the Church and are still trying to figure out what you believe.  You're Agnostic in formal clothing.

C. Inactive with a testimony.
--You used to go to Church but then stopped because you got bored of the ritual and the boring hymns.  You still read the scriptures and you still believe the Church "is true", you're just not exactly sure how, though, and you're still looking for answers which seem to be coming more and more from outside the Church rather within.  Your home/visiting teachers bug you more than the usual once-a-month visit because you know you're on the "prayer list", but you just don't feel comfortable going to Church for some reason.  You are an Agnostic in casual clothing.

D. Inactive without a testimony.
--You've most likely been raised in the Church, did everything your parents wanted you to do and time came you decided you had had enough.  You're a rebel now and nobody is going to stop you, but you still go to Church for the occasional baby-blessing in the family.  You still think you can repent later, or work it out in "Spirit Prison".  You're a "Jack-Mormon".

If you are (2)Non-Mormon, you are:

A. Oblivious
--You know nothing about Mormons maybe other than they have horns, practice polygamy and they wear magic underwear.  And they spawn in Utah.  (You will quickly find that the first two are not true, but the latter is up for debate.)

B. Aware and Indifferent
--You've seen and heard the television and radio PSA's, passed over the article on Wikipedia and heard friends and family tell you their experiences with them.  All good anecdotes, until they started inviting them to Church.  You're all for freedom of religion and charitable institutions, but proselyting "the truth" bugs.

C. Aware and Completely Against
--You're probably an Evangelical or Catholic.  You've read how Mormon's believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers and you think they are completely bonkers, so you spread anti-Mormon literature and propaganda everywhere without really caring about the facts.  (Hopefully this is not true and that's why you are reading this blog.)

D. Investigating
--You got a visit from two sharply-dressed young men with name tags at your door and they had a message they wanted to share with you.  How could you resist?  You're investigating the Church and possibly considering joining, but you need a second opinion.  (You are definitely in the right place).

If you are (3)Ex-Mormon, you are:

A. Convert and Indifferent
--You found another faith or philosophy (not necessarily a religion) that made more sense to you than the Church, so you converted and left the Church.  You don't have any bad feelings about the Church, it just wasn't what you were looking for on your spiritual journey.  The Church brought you a basic understanding of western religion and added a twist, but it was very restricting in information.  "God's mysteries should not be questioned" is what you were told, so you went elsewhere for answers.

B. Convert and Completely Against
--You're probably a "Born Again Christian" because you read all the anti-Mormon literature put out about how Joseph Smith drank the blood of babies.  Now you worship the REAL Jesus, not the phony twin brother of the devil.  You've probably started your own anti-Mormon propaganda operation to make sure everyone knows how evil Mormons are (I hope you are checking your facts!)

C. Voluntary Apostate
--You are closely related to 3A, but you didn't convert to any other faith or philosophy.  You just left.  Your reasons could be wide and various, but really all you care about is living life to the fullest and you knew you couldn't do that in the Church so you handed in your letter of resignation.  You may have been falsely accused of "transgressions" in the process, but since law overrules the Church's handbook of instructions, you threatened lawsuit and they left you alone and removed your name from membership rosters.  Your name is most likely still on Santa's naughty list, or the Church's equivalent of it, anyway.

D. Excommunicated Apostate
--You did something bad and you confessed to your Bishop (or you were caught by your Bishop "making out" with his daughter).  You went under review and eventually the disciplinary council ruled for your excommunication.  You got thrown out and most likely you couldn't give more of a damn if you tried.

An Introduction and Overview 
The purposes this blog will serve and what it will cover.

I happen to be among those who are labeled "Ex-Mormon" and I consider myself a member of Class 3A: "Convert and Indifferent".  I have started this blog as a means of recording my research into The Church.  My research started four years ago when I had barely graduated high-school here in the capital of Mormonism, Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was forced to determine whether or not I was going to serve a proselyting mission for the Church (as every young man in the Church is encouraged to do at the age of 19).  I had also graduated the CES Seminary courses which covered all the core texts of the Church:  The New and Old Testament of The Holy Bible (King James Version), The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine & Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price (which is purported to be the lost records of Moses and the English translations of the infamous Abrahamic Egyptian Papyri by Joseph Smith Jr.  It also contains the "Official" recount of Joseph Smith's First Vision and the founding of The Church and is purported to be written by Joseph Smith himself.  We shall address all of these in due time.)

To the point, I was missionary material and everyone in my local ward was surely expecting me to go.  I just had one thing to work out: Why should I devote two years of my life to proselyting the gospel of the Church? I was sure I had a testimony, but things didn't seem right.  I had questions, lots of questions, and unfortunately I was not finding any answers through the Church.  As I prayed for answers, I curiously found that the answers, or things that eventually lead me to answers were coming from outside sources and not from the Church.

BE YE WARNED!  You are entering "The Twilight Zone".

My research over the past four years has taken me down the allegorical "rabbit hole".  I've encountered strange historical theses by scholars from around the world and have read commentary of events that may have taken place from the beginning of mankind.  My research includes, but is not limited to, ancient civilizations, ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, current events, politics, government, conspiracy (sometimes theory, sometimes fact), symbolism, synchro-mysticism, extra-terrestrials(dimensionals?) and exopolitics, occult black magic, cabala and freemasonry, supernatural phenomena, personal spiritual experiences and a lot of headaches!

That being said, some, if not many of you may be having second thoughts about continuing on this adventure.  Aliens? Black Magic?  That's all science fiction and fairy tale stuff, right?  Well, one could make the counter-argument a great mind once made to a public audience concerning religion in general, which is the one thing that has brought us all together here on this blog:
Religion has convinced the world that there's an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do. And there's 10 things he doesn't want you to do or else you'll go to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity. But he loves you! ...And he needs money! He's all powerful, all knowing, all wise... but he can't handle money!
-George Carlin (RIP 2008)

Religion, Politics, History... The world we live in is not as it seems, nor is it what we've been raised to believe--

I will be writing the articles on this blog so that the Non-Mormon will be able to understand with limited understanding of the Church while using terms familiar to both Mormons and Ex-Mormons as well. Though I am personally using this blog as a means to record my reactions and thoughts in my research, The Primary Goal of this blog is to serve as a point of discussion for those who wish to examine and discuss the troublesome facts of The Church's uprising in contrast to the Official History of The Church as taught in Church Sunday school, the Church Education System (CES) and by The Church's General Authorities' talks, lectures and discourses. 

THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-MORMON AREA.  It is not my intention to invalidate the Church but rather to simply ask questions that nobody asks or if they do they don't get a straight answer.  You will not find anything here stated as fact that is not backed up with information and sources.  Any theories or personal opinion I put out will be clearly marked as such.  There will be no hate here, only candid thoughts, theories and discussion.

This study is open to all that have an open mind and I promise you that if you are here because you are researching the origins of the Church you will find information that I will cite for your own review that will amaze and astound you as it did to me.  I will make sure I cite every piece of information I state as fact as well as every quote I use from every person along with their respective website, book, or audio file.  If I slip somewhere, please leave a comment and I will quickly rectify the post.

I will start by writing my story and what I've encountered over the past four years.  I feel the best way for me to start this blog is to start from the beginning.  This may take a few parts to do, but once I have established my educational and spiritual background we'll get straight into it.  I plan on overviewing related topics such as religion in general, the history and evolution of religion in the western world, the synchronistic connections of current events with those of the past and how they tie into Mormon culture.  Though there is a wide array of topics that can be brought to light here, it's my first priority to tie it into the main subject this blog has been created for, that of examining and discussing The Esoteric Roots of Mormonism.

 1. Be Mature.
 2. Be Open-minded
 3. Please use questionable language in context and not out of immaturity. (See 1)
 4. PLEASE POST YOUR CLASS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. (i.e. Hi my name is Anna (2B) and this is what I think...)  This is so I and other readers can understand where you're coming from and what your history is with the Church.

All comments will be approved by me if they follow these rules.  I am not into censoring, this is to keep comments cordial and to the point.  I look forward to your thoughts. :)


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1. Be Mature.
2. Be Open-minded
3. Please use questionable language in context and not out of immaturity. (See 1)
4. PLEASE POST YOUR CLASS AS DESCRIBED IN THE "INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW" (i.e. Hi my name is Anna (2B) and this is what I think...)
This is so I and other readers can understand where you're coming from and what your history is with the Church.

All comments will be approved by me if they follow these rules. I am not into censoring, this is to keep comments cordial and to the point. I look forward to your thoughts. :)